High-level jobs available in Greenville

GREENVILLE - The City of Greenville has experienced a lot of turnover positions since January. The most recent comes with the announcement that Interim Police Chief Joe Bartlett and Human Resources Director Gerry Case are both retiring.

The city is also still trying to fill the public works director position. It was last filled by Wes Anderson, who had to leave the job for medical reasons several months ago.

Assistant city manager Thom Moton is moving on to Oklahoma. Moton recently was offered a city manager position in a bigger town, according to Mayor Allen Thomas.

"The timing of it is coincidental but you know we're just like any other organization we have 700 professionals here and we're just the tip of the iceberg with these individuals and we'll move forward," Thomas said.

Barbara Lipscomb, who started as the new city manager in August, is in charge of hiring a lot of the vacant positions.

Mayor Thomas said the first priority is getting a new police chief. He said Lipscomb is down to the final candidates and city leaders should know in the next month hopefully who that person is going to be.

"We anticipate having a chief on board by the time we hope interim chief Bartlett finishes up his term [November 1]," he said.

After that, Lipscomb will work on getting a new public works director, according to Thomas.

Yet despite the turnover, city leaders remain hopeful.

"As a new city manager you can't ask for more of an opportunity than that to make your key hires," Thomas said.

However, it's a process that can't be rushed.

"Our job is to bring the best professionals in here and to do a full process because we plan on them working here a long time and doing a good job," Thomas said.

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