Hefty plant bill motivates citizens' petition

Treatment Plant Petition

River Bend - An expansion to the waste water treatment plant in River Bend has some residents up in arms. The plant has been deemed near the end of its useful life by the town public works board. The board has suggested an upgrade to the plant at the cost of $12 million.

Mayor John Kirkland said the plant will serve all 3,200 members of the town population.  That population will have to foot the bill for the plant. About half of the town is on the current sewer system which would plug into the new plant, the other half are on septic systems. Those on the system would have to pay $4,500 over 10 years. Those on septic would have to pay $12,000 to have their house installed into the sewer system and pay for the facility. That cost would also be over 10 years.

A petition committee is gathering signatures to have the decision put to a public vote.

"Consider all of the retirees and the citizens who only live here part time plus the residents. I thought this was a bit too much and why are we doing this," Walt Nawogski said.

Nawogski signed the petition and hopes the town will take notice of his concern.

As of Tuesday, the petition had gained its goal of 420 signatures. Though, the petition holds no legal bearing, supporters are trying to show their urgency to the town council.

The council is set to meet with the public at the Powell Center on November 15th.

"They really aren't discharging their elected duties if they ignore that infrastructure and to try to communicate to the citizens how important that infrastructure is to the town of today and the town of the future," Kirkland said.

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