Heavy rain and flood risk this weekend

EASTERN CAROLINA - Several inches of rain is expected to fall over the course of the weekend on already saturated ground, heightening the flood risk.  


The weather setup includes three main ingredients: A stationary front, an incoming low pressure storm system, and an area of high pressure in the Midwest.

The high pressure system is pulling down slightly cooler air near the ground. This cool air is going to stay put as the low pressure storm system begins to move into our area from the west. This low will throw moisture-rich air over that cold-dome, and trigger widespread rain showers both Saturday and Sunday. 

The reason the low pressure area will be effecting us this way, is because it is set to track along the stationary front that has anchored itself to the south of us


We are expecting everyone in our viewing area to see at least 1-2" of rain over the weekend. Depending on where the biggest downpours track, some spots could see as much as 3" through Monday

Rain will be heaviest west of Highway 17, and south of Highway 70. Counties that should expect the most (in general) are Duplin, Lenoir, Onslow and Jones. 

Heaviest rain is expected to be Saturday night into Sunday morning. 


The flood risk for this weekend is very high. In the past week alone-- all of our counties have seen 1-5" of rain more than usual. Places that are the most swamped are east of Highway 17. 

Additional rainfall will have a very hard time draining, and will likely cause minor flooding in roads, ditches and streams. 

DO NOT drive through flooded roadways. Flooding is the biggest weather related killer (more than tornadoes, lightning and hurricanes). Most people that die in flood waters are in their  cars and trucks. 

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