Heating restored to local Elementary School

NEWPORT - Students and faculty at Newport Elementary School in Carteret County returned to school on Wednesday after winter break, to find that there was no heat.

NewsChannel 12 received a tip from a concerned parent whose child attends the school. The mother says that she received a note from Newport Elementary School saying that there would be no heat in the building for the rest of the week and proceeded to sign her child out of classes for the rest of the day.  She stated that she did not like the way that parents were informed about the situation and thought that the children should not have to go to school.

The concerned mother, along with other parents, offered to bring in space heaters to the keep the classrooms warm. School officials said that they could not use the heaters in the classrooms because they would be a fire hazard.

The principal of the school, Richard Paylor, confirmed that the school did not have heat because of a broken part and that he saw no reason to cancel classes. Paylor also said that he continued to check on classes throughout the day to make sure that the students were alright.

School officials told us that maintenance crews worked throughout the night to fix the broken part in the heating system. The heat is now working and everything is back to normal at the school.

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