Havelock woman gives away thousands in random acts of kindness

Havelock woman gives away thousands in random acts of kindness

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - Mandy Holman spends her free time surprising strangers and making their day. For months now, she has given away thousands of dollars in random acts of kindness like footing the bill for groceries or buying someone's gas.

"I just love people, I love putting smiles on their faces," says Holman.

Holman says her family helps her with ideas for new surprises. Her kids' favorite is to leave a plastic bag full of one dollar bills at a dollar store. Holman says she loves to fill soda machines up with quarters and pay off layaways. This past Christmas, she paid off seven layaways, all of them toys.

Not all surprises are financial. Holman says she takes time to help people whose car has broken down. This week, she shaved her head to support her friend who has cancer.

"She wears a wig, you know. The first time I saw her bald was the day I shaved my head. That was really wonderful," says Holman.

With every surprise, she leaves a note.

"It says, you have been hit with a random act of kindness," says Holman.

But it doesn't stop there. The note gives a back story. It tells the lucky receiver about Carl Barrier, the man who started it all.

"Carl is just amazing, and we were the best of friends. You wouldn't expect a 20-something year old to be best friends with an 80-year-old man, but we were," says Holman.

Barrier died more than one year ago. While he was alive, he would take Holman around as he did massive acts of kindness.

"We were at a yard sale, and the lady holding the sale was doing it for her niece who had some sort of medical problem. She was trying to raise something like $25,000, and Carl paid the whole thing, and I don't think they ever even knew his name," says Holman.

Holman still visits Barrier's grave every day. She says she hopes her actions won't just make people's day, it will make her best friends' name and memory live on.

If you have experienced a random act of kindness, share it on the Facebook page.

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