Havelock Rams training for 2013 season

"Black Reign" starts at sunrise

Havelock Rams training for 2013 season

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - Shortly after sunrise is when the Havelock Rams hit the football field for conditioning drills.

"It builds commitment and dedication.  Our kids are looking for something that sets them apart," said Coach Jim Bob Bryant.

They're calling it "Black Reign" because they are the reigning 3A State Champions for two years in a row.  The student athletes are in full training mode at 6:15 before the school day even starts.

"It was hard at first.  I was dozing off in class, but I'm getting used to it.  It's working out and paying off," said Rams Rnning Back, Taylor Woods.

"Black Reign" is something new to the Havelock Rams, but just because they are state champions doesn't mean they are taking a break.

"We're trying to do little things each year to let our kids know although we've won back-to-back state champions, there's another one to win," said Bryant.

Winning is what the players are focused on, which means getting a head start on the competition.

"It really gives you something to work towards, and you try to work harder because you don't want anybody else to catch up to you," said Derrell Scott, Rams Running Back.

The Rams are taking the 2013 season by the horns as they reach for a third consecutive state title.

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