Hatteras Yachts cuts 40 more jobs

Hatteras Yachts leaves one couple without jobs

CRAVEN COUNTY - Another 40 people at the New Bern Hatteras Yachts were told by officials Thursday their jobs have been cut.

On January 3rd the company laid off 105 employees, now a total of 145 have been laid off this month.

This all includes a husband and wife, who both worked for the company.

"We all knew it was coming, again, but it just felt wrong," said James Bouher, while shaking his head.  

Bouher found out at 7:15 this morning that he is now among them.   

"Alright y'all need to meet in the cafeteria. President of the company is in there. Everyone knew it was happening. They passed out the paperwork and read the little pre-written letter and that was it," said Bouher.

His wife Stephanie was laid off from Hatteras just two weeks ago. She said going from two incomes to none is going to be a big change.

"He called me on the way home telling me he was laid off. Just a lot of things ran through my mind like bills, now we're both laid off, it's not just one of us," said Bouher.

The Five Points Mini Mart is the closest store to Hatteras Yachts.

Robert Aldridge works part-time there making hotdogs and said these layoffs are unfortunate for everyone.

"It's going to hurt us because Hatteras was the best costumer we had. Hopefully they will get things straighten out," said Aldridge.

The Bouher couple says it's now time to start the next chapter in their lives by finding new jobs.

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