Hate crime charge filed after restaurant dispute

Hate crime charge filed after restaurant dispute (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - A Craven County woman is charged with a hate crime in connection with an incident at a Havelock restaurant.

There is probable cause to believe that Mary Severance assaulted Heather Taylor because of Taylor's race and color, according to Severance's arrest warrant, which was served Tuesday.

Severance is white; Taylor is African-American.

"She said that I was a [n-word]," Taylor said.

Severance said she did not say that, or if she did, it was only after her teenage daughter had been verbally abused by Taylor's family.

Taylor is also charged with a crime in connection with the incident, which happened earlier this month.

A video shows Taylor swinging at Severance's teenager daughter.

Taylor is charged with assault and battery.

Severance's charge is ethnic intimidation; she's also charged with simple assault for allegedly threatening Taylor with a stun gun.

Police did not charge either woman; instead, both Taylor and Severance took out warrants at a magistrate's office.

Both women are due in court in mid-June.

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