Hail hits homes hard near Havelock

Hail hits homes hard near Havelock

CRAVEN COUNTY - People are still cleaning up after hail stones fell, some as big as baseballs, damaging homes and cars Monday night. The hail storm hit Pamlico, Craven and Carteret Counties.

Hill's Mobile Home Park off of Hwy 101 near Havelock saw some of the most hail damage. Windows were shattered, cars smashed, and homes had several dents in them that looked like bullet holes.

Richard Dettman said he had three windows broken and his mobile home's underpinning ruined.

"I've been here close to forty years or better and this is the worst storm damage we've had, even with the hurricanes and everything," Dettman said.

According to Newschannel 12 Chief Meteorologist Skip Waters the severe thunderstorm caused this hail. He said cold air high up in the atmosphere caused the rain to freeze and very strong updrafts kept those raindrops in the atmosphere longer making some of the hail stones a lot larger.

More than 30 mobiles homes in the park saw damage from hail.    

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