Gym Owner Picks Through Rubble Of Triple Arson Fire

Gym Owner Trying To Recover From Arson

Kinston - Update: Investigators are still looking into a triple arson that burned in downtown Kinston from early Saturday morning into Sunday.

Business owners salvage what they can from charred and water-logged buildings. A lawyers office, a salon and spa, and a gym were all destroyed in the fires.

Get It In Fitness Boxing was in one of the destroyed buildings. The owner, Ike Ezeji, said it's a total loss. He watched the blaze Saturday morning.

"It's like a parent watching a child in danger, and there's nothing but they can do but watch," said Ezeji. "I didn't expect nothing like this to happen, but then again nobody expects something like this to happen."

Ezeji is holding temporary classes in a gym just a few miles away, Contentnea Fitness Center. Ezeji said his members are like family, and many are continuing to take the classes.

Get It In Fitness Boxing is a two year old business. Ezeji says he helped youth by giving them free boxing lessons.

"I just want to use the situation to try to bring people together at peace and just try to find a way to help the people come together as a community and just try to make the community grow," Ezeji said.

Here's a link to Get It In Fitness Boxing's Facebook page. Ezeji said he'll take any help he can get.!/GetItInFitnessBoxing

Previous Story: A case of triple arson sparked the fires that burned Saturday morning in downtown Kinston, according to a fire official.

SBI officials and federal agents are now part of the investigation.

Three separate fires were started about 1 a.m. Saturday along E. Gordon St., a fire official said; it was not a case of a single fire that spread outward.

The only injury reported was that of a firefighter who was treated on scene for heat exhaustion.

Crews put out the final hotspots as of 8 a.m. Sunday.

The fire encompassed three buildings which housed a law firm, a salon & spa, a gym, and a vacant space.

Two of the buildings sustained heavy damage, while the third is left with significant damage, an investigator said.

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