Gym members get thousands of dollars put on hold

Fitness connection members get thousands of dollars put on hold

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY- - Some local gym members got quite the shock after thousands of their dollars were put on hold.

Torri Parmley says it was her birthday when her gym, Fitness Connection, put $2,930 dollars on hold from her account. "I tried to get gas and it said insufficient funds. Insufficient funds, what are you talking about? I just got paid today," she said. "The world just started spinning around me, didn't know what to do."

Parmley decided to go down the the gym, where she says an employee told her "they was gonna put it back in my account within 20 minutes. 20 minutes went by, 30 minutes went by an hour went by. I called the police because I want to make a report because I've just got robbed."

Parmley says she wasn't the only one. "It was member, after member, after member coming in asking where is their money," she said.

A statement from the gym claims it all happened because of a third party credit card vendor that processes payments on their behalf. It continues, saying the charge was a pre-authorization, wouldn't be taken out and all the members would regain access to their money.

Parmley says she's since gotten her money back, but knows of other people who have not.

For Parmley, it's a belated birthday present she could have done without, from a gym she no longer belongs to. "You gotta understand that's people's lives," she said. "I couldn't even take out my savings account to get anything to eat. You know what I'm saying? And you're just saying oh 20 minutes, 20 minutes. You don't know how serious that was to me and my life."

Fitness connection says it's set up an email to collect refund requests. Members should send their requests to They must include their name, phone number, name of their gym and it's location, the amount charged, as well as a scan or screen grab showing the fees charged.

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