Gun shops in East Carolina are seeing a shortage on ammunition

Ammunition shortage for East Carolina gun shops

CRAVEN COUNTY - Gun shops across the county are finding it harder to keep ammunition on the shelves.

Many people are stocking up, saying they fear President Obama will increase taxes on bullets or mandate a new gun-control measure.

Owners of gun shops in our area say almost all hand gun and small caliber rifle ammunition is impossible to find.

 "I'm prior military and I love to shoot. I don't hunt anymore but I certainly want to be able to buy ammo without having to pay a terrible price for it," said Howard Ellis of Pamlico County.

Drew Preston is the owner of East 70 Pawn in New Bern and said his customers are buying more than they normally do. 

"What you have right now is a lot of people who are afraid they will not be able to purchase ammo in the future. So the fellow who wants to go in and buy a box is instead now buying a case," said Preston.

Sportsmans Toy Store in New Bern got 12 packs of the .22 long riffle hollow point bullets on Monday. By Tuesday morning every pack was sold.

Earl Dail is the owner of Sportsmans Toy Store and says he can't keep .22 ammunition on the shelves. His store only allows a costumer to buy five cases of .22 long rifle bullets at a time.

"I've called every distributor in the country twice a week just begging for anything because obviously we can't sell it if we don't have it on the shelves. Most of them laugh at you if you ask them for ammo," said Dail.

Reverend Cannon Sears says he purchased a hand gun for protection against people who have been breaking into his church.

"One of the things at Saint Bartholomew's church we're going to do it have a concealed permit weapon class with this store," said Sear.

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