Group protests toll increases in Raleigh

Group protests toll increases in Raleigh

WASHINGTON, BEAUFORT COUNTY - A group from Eastern North Carolina is taking the fight against ferry toll increases to the state's capitol.

A moratorium put in place by former Governor Bev Perdue will expire on July 1st. Afterwards, toll increases will effect many ferry routes near the coast.

Joe McClees is one of the men who is asking the legislature to stop the increases and protect coastal economy.

"We're just wanting to make sure that Beaufort, Pamlico, and Hyde counties are recognized," said McClees. "That the men and women in the General Assembly understand the economic importance of our ferry system."

McClees said coastal communities depend on free or cheap access to the ferry systems. Also, he said increasing ferry tolls would hurt tourism for the coast.

"It is often transportation for workers, but it's a great tourist attraction, and we feel like that has not been promoted enough," McClees said.

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