Group: McCrory should try to live on $350 a week

RALEIGH - (AP) - Advocates for the unemployed are calling on North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory to live for one week on the maximum weekly unemployment benefit of $350 that lawmakers are considering.
They held a news conference Monday, challenging McCrory and legislators "to literally put their money where their mouth is" and survive for one week on $350.
Kevin Rogers of Action NC says the proposed cut to unemployment benefits contrasts sharply with McCrory's raises to Cabinet secretaries. McCrory told The News & Observer of Raleigh that he gave the raises of a combined 8 percent so the Cabinet leaders "can afford to live."
A House committee meets Thursday to discuss decreasing the maximum unemployment benefit from about $535 weekly.
A McCrory spokeswoman said she would have a response to the challenge later.

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