Group Hopes To Save Historic School In Currituck

CURRITUCK COUNTY - A group hoping to save a historic school building in Currituck from being bulldozed is working on a rescue plan.

The Daily Advance of Elizabeth City reported that Currituck commissioners voted last month to either raze or remove the former Coinjock Colored School because of its deteriorating condition. The school was built in 1920 with funds from Sears and Roebuck president and philanthropist Julius Rosenwald to promote black education.

The president of the Currituck Historic Society says she believes grants or private contributions may be available to restore the school.

The county's demolition order means the building could be razed or removed in 60 days. Historic Society President Barbara Snowden says commissioners appear willing to extend the deadline if the group can come up with a plan.

Photo Courtesy: Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

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