Group crochets plastic bags to help the homeless

Turning grocery bags into mats for homeless

SWANSBORO - A group in Onslow county discovered an odd way to help the homeless in that area. About 80 men and women are turning used plastic grocery bags into mats for homeless people to sleep on. The mats are made at First Baptist Church in Swansboro.

"We were asked by the shelter to make 100," said Gail Taylor. Taylor keeps track of the amount of mats made.

The JOY group contacted Onslow Community Outreach to provide the mats locally. Taylor said they used to take the mats all the way to Raleigh. Now, 100 mats will have owners throughout the county.

"It is a lot of work for just one mat, and these ladies have done a great job and I really appreciate it," Onslow Community Outreach representative Karin Hudson said.

Each mat takes 35 hours to crochet and use so many bags, the people making them have no idea how many it takes per mat. Each mat is about 6 by 4 feet.

Each mat is also easily maintained.

"They are water proof, they can be washed in the river," Taylor said. "They are very warm, plastic is a very good insulator."

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