Group creates videos to curb gang activity

Group creates videos to prevent gang activity (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE - Pitt County Sheriff's Office partnered with Greenville Police, the Department of Community Corrections and Vidant Medical Center to make two gang prevention videos.

One video shows the perspective of a parent. The other video shows a teenager caught up in crime.

"It's not all the bright colors it looks like and the glamour it looks like," Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks said.

Elks said they don't want to lose another generation of children to gangs.

"You know you're not going to be told you're going to end up in the morgue the moment you deliver that first package of marijuana or whatever you're asked to do or the first crime you're asked to commit. You're not going to know the end results," Elks said.

Authorities said it's even harder to pinpoint an age where children get sucked into gangs.

"When you're dealing with kids, like the Sheriff said, you can't put an age on when they gravitate toward something that is wrong if that's what they're brought up in, if that's what they know," said Captain Richie Williams with the Greenville Police Department.

Deputy Chief Ted Sauls doesn't want anyone to fall between the cracks. Sauls hopes these videos reach people the police department can't reach.

"Because the ones that get the deepest involved are often times the ones we never know about until it's too late," Sauls said.

The groups plans to show the videos at schools across the county. However, they aren't stopping there.

"Now we're trying to teach the parents. Don't always wait for the police to knock on the door [or] the principal to tell you your son is in a gang. Look for the early signs now. Love your child, love your child and save his life and that's what this is all about," Elks said.

Each video is eight minutes long and provide tips and suggestions to prevent gang activity and involvement.

The videos will be shown throughout the schools in Pitt County. They will also be shown at the Pitt County Health Department, the Department of Social Services and the Human Services Building.

To watch "Gang Prevention: So Many Chances" use the link below:

To watch "Gang Prevention: Missed Opportunities" use the link below:

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