Greenville "Superblock" brings new businesses to uptown area

Reporter: Averi Harper

Greenville "Superblock" brings new businesses to uptown area

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Developers of a block of commercial buildings called the "Superblock" are hoping to the Uptown area an economic boost.

The new development is near the intersection of 5th Street and Cotanche Street. The only open store so far is Campus Corner, a menswear shop. It's run by two recent ECU graduates.

One of the owners, Andrew Denton says it was important to set up shop near campus.

"We found out that there was an old clothing store here in the 50s that was called Campus Corner, so we thought that would be a cool way to revive the area," he said." 

Holton Wilkerson, a developer from CommunitySmith, the company overseeing the development, says his company hopes to make the area safer by bringing unique businesses in.

""What we're seeing now and being a part and sort of a renaissance in of sorts in Uptown Greenville and that's really exciting to be a part of," Wilkerson said.

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