Greenville Police shuts down the club

Nightclub The Phoenix shut down

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - The Phoenix nightclub was served an injunction by the Greenville Police Department Thursday.

The injunction was served due to the club being allegedly riddled with gang activity. The Phoenix lost their ABC liquor license after a long history of violence.

Police said the club voluntarily gave up their license due to the interest of public safety. Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden said "We believe it instantly makes it a bit safer, and a bit more conducive to lowering incidents of violent crimes late night."

Chief Aden also said this is a huge win for uptown Greenville's safety, pointing to the stabbing inside the Phoenix, last week. Since 2003, there has been eight hundred incidents related to the club, spending three hundred thousand dollars in police resources.

Phylissa Belcher's son was stabbed at the club just last weekend. She's glad to see the club shut its doors.

"That makes me overjoyed because in my opinion it was a death trap and we lost so many of our youth there and other people there," she said.

Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas said he wants everyone to be able to go out, be safe and have a good time.

""All parts of our community deserve to have places where they can go and be together in fellowship," said Thomas. "I think that it's something that we want to do but we demand that it be in a positive and a safe environment."

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