Greenville Police donate old bicycles to youth development program

Greenville Police donate old bicycles to youth development program (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Chief Hassan Aden and several officers delivered more than a dozen mongoose bikes to the Building Hope Community Life Center Friday morning.

The group helps at-risk youth stay out of trouble by restoring old bikes and learning the value of honest work.

The city council approved the donation on Monday. However, the group did pay a $1.00 payment for the bikes.

"While these bikes are no longer serviceable for police service they are in perfectly good shape to ride around. Um, police service is rigorous and requires certain characteristics of the bikes. These no longer have it. ...So, we collectively decided this would be a good idea and instead of surplussing them we're putting them to good use," Chief Aden said.

Faras Mooring has been fixing bikes in the recycle bike program for 2 years.

"It takes patience. You gotta be patient with it," he said.

The rising sophomore at J.H. Rose High School said he's just one of many working with the Building Hope organization.

"I just like the people and you just get a good vibe when you're around here. It's just a good vibe," Mooring said.

However, he didn't always feel that way.

"I was like 'Man, I do not want to come here. I want to go back home and go to sleep and look at T.V.' But now I regret that thought because this is a good program," he said.

Shannon Spellman, a Pitt Community College student, said the program has kept in line.

"I've changed a lot working in the bike shop because at one time I was getting in trouble and stuff. But I'm glad the Lord put me with these guys so I wouldn't have to worry about that struggle and none of that stuff again," Spellman said.

Chief Aden said the police department plans to donate more bikes in the Spring. This time they will be donating unclaimed found bikes. The department was able to donate this latest batch after they received their new bikes.

Building Hope will be hosting the 2nd annual Bike Bash on August 17th at the Jaycee Skate Park. The winner of a BMX competition will win a free bike.

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