Greenville parking deck design revealed

Greenville parking deck design revealed (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Drivers in downtown Greenville will soon have an easier time finding a parking space. NewsChannel 12 got the first look at what the new parking deck may look like.

The city council is expected to vote on the design at its next meeting on October 7th.

"At this point we have an idea of how this deck is going to be sited on that particular piece of land. And in general what it's going to look like where the main entrance is going to be, the secondary entrance, stairwells will be," economic development officer Carl Rees said.

In December, city council approved building a parking deck in the Moseley lot at the corner of 4th and Cotanche Streets.

Rees said parking downtown has been an issue for some time.

"The city has dealt with that on street parking and service parking in some lots but we just can't handle the demand anymore because of all this development that's taking place downtown," he said.

The $4 million dollar project will provide an additional 250 parking spaces.

"We're going to have leased parking and hourly parking. So, you either pay for a leased space or pay hourly, Monday through Friday 7-5 [p.m.] and then nights and weekends will be free," Rees said.

On top of the parking lot being built, the back alley's surrounding the Moseley lot will also get a makeover.

"It's actually going to open up some great pedestrian avenues throughout our downtown. So, we'll have access to this parking deck from four different sides literally north, south, east and west …That may actually allow some of the businesses downtown to do commerce out of the backside," Rees said.

City officials believe the parking deck will bring in more than $170,000 in revenue each year.

However, people in the community have mixed reviews about it.

"I don't think there's enough space for that. Look, this is a two lane road and it gets backed up enough as it is. If there's a huge parking garage right there I think the traffic here is going to be really bad," Noelle Knight said.

"Luckily, my employer pays for my parking but yeah it is a problem downtown," Tabitha Cantey said.

According to Rees, the parking deck will be funded through the sale of municipal bonds. The city said it will pay for those bonds with the money generated from the parking deck program.

The city will entertain bids after the council approves a design. The city hopes to start construction in March and have it completed by September 2014.

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