Greenville Murder

Neighbors remember a Greenville business man who died tragically Saturday morning. They say Walter Clay Malloy was like a family member and he's a friend they will dearly miss.

"He was such a good person."

Gilber Harris has as a tearful reaction as he talks about his friend and neighbor Walter Clay Malloy.

"If anybody ever needed help and he could help, he would you wouldn't have to ask. If he say he could help, he would. He was that kind of guy."

Harris had known Malloy for 35 years. He says he was shocked when he got the call that his friend was dead.

"There is so much good I can say about him. And nothing bad."

Greenville police say around six am Saturday morning Malloy's a family memeber found Malloy dead outside his business Clay's wrecker service. They say the business was not broken into or robbed. Police are not saying how Malloy died, but they are treating this an a death investigation.

"He was a real hard working man he didn't deserve what happened to him."

says neighbor Glenn Hart. Hart has lived next to Malloy's business for three years. He says he heard a big loud band shortly after, he heard sirens.

"And then I found out something really tragic happened to Mr. Clay."

Malloy's son says his dad was a great husband and father and that he died doing what he loved.

"It's unfortunate my father didn't make it. But at least he's not suffering. I know he's in a better place and i'll see him again one day."

A sentiment that provides little solice for Harris who says Malloy made the neighborhood a better place.

"It's the little things he done around here. And if you find anybody who says anything different, it's gonna be hard."

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