Greenville gets new slogan and logo for $90,000

Greenville gets new slogan and logo for $90,000 (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Greenville now has a new slogan: "Find yourself in good company."

City Council approved the slogan last week. The city paid North Star, a public relations firm, $90,000 for creating a new brand, which included a slogan and logo.

Officials said the new slogan is meant to highlight the friendliness of the community.

"One of the things they found was a common denominator was that we have good people here in Greenville. And so that is sort of the handle of ‘find yourself in good company,'" city manager Barbara Lipscomb said.

Local businesses like The Scullery, a restaurant located downtown, are what North Star was thinking about when they came up with Greenville's new brand.

"It's really become a community place. Some place for everybody to be," owner Matt Scully said.

So what does the city hope to achieve? Lipscomb said she wants to attract more people.

"We want to promote the fact that we are a good community," she said.

The city paid the public relations firm $90,000 for the research and logo, according to officials.  It has allocated another $53,000 from this year's budget to implement the new brand.

The city plans to start with the buses.

"Not totally wrapping the buses, but the bus signage, vehicle signage. We have sanitation trucks that will be coming in and we'll be changing some of those out as we move to automated," Lipscomb said.

"My initial thought was that it wasn't very exciting. It didn't speak to the unique qualities that I love about Greenville," Scully said.

However, as time has passed he said he is coming around to the idea.

"There's a lot of great companies and people. There's a lot of ways we can use that slogan," he said.

Scully believes the slogan would work perfectly in his restaurant.

"I really hope that campaign and others like it will increase the pride and good feelings that people have about being part of the community," he said.

Officials said you will start seeing the new brand on the buses in November.

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