Greenville CSX line yet to move

New facility still not ready

CSX facility ribbon cutting premature

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - When the ribbon cutting for the new CSX location took place in July, residents may have thought their daily traffic troubles had come to an end.

However, about a month later, the new facility is yet to open and the CSX line continues to be active through the center of Greenville. "We can't have this community cut in half, and we've waited long enough," said Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas. "We've done everything that's been asked of us to get this thing done."

CSX officials say they're waiting on, among other things, dispatching equipment, phones and furniture to be put in place before the move is officially made.

On the 14th, CSX officials told Mayor Thomas the transition could have been made within the week. That week has passed and the new date, Mayor Thomas says, is no later than September 1st. "That's what we've been told," he said. "Otherwise I'm sicking congressman Walter Jones on 'em, get this thing done immediately."

People living around the tracks are all too aware of the danger and congestion the current setup creates. Chacka Barnhill lives on Arlington Blvd. across from J.H. Rose High School. Barnhill says she's seen countless drivers "hop the median, or they'll cross the things right here, trying to get away trying to find another way around it."

Barnhill says she is "mad, (expletive) off. They need to do their job like they're supposed to."

Representative from CSX told Newschannel12 that unlike passenger trains, freight trains do not have a set schedule, so it's hard to say when one might come rolling through.

Mayor Thomas says CSX answers only to Federal authorities, which supersede local and state government. 

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