Greenville Council to vote on 3-Unrelated Rule

GREENVILLE - The city council will vote Thursday night on the three-unrelated rule, which stated that no more than three unrelated people could live together in a home.

Greenville City Council will decide whether or not to increase the limit to four unrelated people per home, Mayor Allen Thomas said. The change would make the rule similar to that of Chapel Hill.

The three-unrelated rule was introduced in 1981, to keep residential neighborhoods more family-friendly. But some students said the rule made finding suitable living arrangements difficult. Non-traditional families said they were also affected.

Under the rule the city defines what is considered a family.

Three unrelated individuals, two or more individuals related by blood, marriage or adoption with two unrelated individuals or two unrelated individuals related by blood, marriage or adoption with two related individuals.

Resident Leslie King said the rule may be discriminatory to non-traditional families. King said many of her friends who are unmarried would like to live together to save money in tough economic times.

"It's hard to do that, with student loans and interest and other debt that adds up right now," King said.

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