Greenville company turns solar power into savings

Return on investment in three-five years

Greenville company turns solar power into savings

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Mike Benson, of Pitt Electric in Greenville, is expanding his business to the sky by taking the sun's rays and turning them into energy.

"Photovoltaic panels take the energy from the sun, transfers the light energy into useable electrical energy for use in our building for lighting electrical outlets and things of that nature," said Benson.

Photovoltaic panels are most commonly known as solar panels. Over the years, technology has improved so that people can install the energy savers on a business or home.  Once the solar array system soaks up the sun, it's converted into useable energy.

"This machine take the DC electricity form the solar panels and transfers it to AC energy," said Benson.

What's going on outside of the building can be seen from the inside too.

"I can take a look at the status of my solar array day or night, 24/7 from anywhere in the world," said Benson.

Pitt Electric, Inc. is using a web-based monitoring system.  Within three days, the solar panels have produced more than 2500 kilowatt hours, Benson said. According to an estimate, the company has saved more than $300.

"The effect that the solar array is going to have on our electrical usage is really going to be interesting," said Benson. "I'm looking forward to that next bill."

If you install solar panels on your home, there are federal and state tax incentives.  You can see a return on your investment in approximately three to five years. For more information, click here.

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