Greenville City Council Repeals Four-Unrelated Ordinance

Greenville City Council Repeals Four-Unrelated Ordinance

The Greenville City Council's decision to repeal the Four-Unrelated Ordinance isn't sitting well with college students at East Carolina University.

In October 2012, the council agreed to increase occupancy maximums from three to four unrelated persons in a home, in the university area. But that has since been changed after Thursday night's meeting.

In a 4-2 vote, council members decided to do away with the Four-Unrelated Ordinance, and change it back to a three-unrelated persons rule. This change will affect future residents in the university areas. The homes that would be affected span from 5th street to the Tar River area.

ECU students showed up in numbers, expressing their concerns. Among them was Michael King.

"Even though the vote didn't end up how we wanted, we still showed up and showed that we cared about this," King said.

More than fifty ECU students came with shirts and signs, vocalizing their need for affordable housing options. These students held a protest, walking and chanting down the streets of Greenville, prior to the council meeting.

During the meeting, both students and community members addressed the council directly. People not affiliated with the university, expressed their concerns about property values, crime and traffic- issues they felt would be positively impacted with the repeal of the ordinance.

Council members listened to arguments from both sides of the issue, and after taking people's concerns into consideration, along with advice from the Zoning and Planning committee, the city decided to repeal the ordinance.

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