Greenville City Council passes regulations, discusses possible sanitation overhaul

The Greenville City Council met Thursday night to pass a series of regulations and discussed possible changes to the sanitation department.

Council members passed an ordinance that would require each sweepstakes business to be placed at least a half mile away from other sweepstakes businesses. The city council also voted to extend the moratorium on tobacco shops from January to May 13th.

Another item on Thursday night's agenda: an overhaul of Greenville's sanitation department. Council members discussed a possible new five-year sanitation plan that could affect workers. City staff recommended cutting 24 of the 72 sanitation positions. But council members said no employees would be be laid off or fired.

Council members also recommended phasing out backyard garbage pickup. If passed, starting in July 2017, the service would only be offered to elderly and special needs residents. The city council also wanted to purchase 14 new automated garbage trucks and discussed raising rates by $5 over the next seven years.

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