Greenville approves construction of new parking deck

The Greenville City Council unanimously approved building a new parking deck in the downtown area.

Council members voted 6-0 Monday night in favor of constructing the parking deck at the Moseley lot, located on the corner of Cotanche and 4th Streets. The project was expected to cost $3.8 million and would add 256 parking spaces to downtown Greenville.

"I think it's going to send a very powerful signal to citizens that if they want to come into downtown to frequent whatever business, that they will not have a problem finding a place to park," said David Carpenter, VP for Uptown Greenville.

Parking at the new deck was expected to cost at least 75 cents an hour during weekdays and be free on weekends. According to city officials, the garage would bring in more than $170,000 in revenue each year.

The city had already taken soil samples to make sure the area could handle the load, said Mayor Allen Thomas.

City leaders said they planned to break ground on the parking deck in July. The project was expected to take at least six months to complete.

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