Greene County Middle School Starts School In New Way

GREENE COUNTY - Modular units have been set up behind the old middle school that was destroyed in the April 16th tornadoes.

It has been four months since the storms ripped through Eastern Carolina completely destroying Greene County Middle School in Snow Hill.

Students spent the last part of their school year splitting space with Greene Central High School.

With school starting on Thursday, teachers and workers were making those last minute preparations before students arrived on Thursday. For 6th grade science teacher, Melissa Boyd, being back in their own place with their own schedules just felt like home.

"We're excited to be [back] here. We feel more situated here than being in such transit [at Greene Central High School]," Boyd said.

The tornado that damaged the area affected more than just the school.

"Some of [the] students had been affected personally with their homes and then coming to school in a new place ... I'm sure that had an impact," Boyd said.

For rising 8th grader, Tiera McCave, the experience of the tornadoes was hard to forget.

"I didn't think a storm could cause that much damage to a school," McCave said.

Tiera's grandfather, James Perkins, said the old school was beautiful but the modular units are a sign of the future.

"It's nice. At least they have somewhere to go and learn. It keeps them out of trouble," Perkins said.

Each modular unit has a hallway and several classrooms. They are also separated by grade level. Teachers say the old middle school was designed that way and they wanted to make sure students felt like they were in a familiar place.

Assistant Principal Leigh Corbin said they are looking forward from when they lost their school.

"We're going to try and put everything back in place and make it normal before April 16th happened," Corbin said.

Officials say it will take at least 18-months to rebuild the old school.

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