Green Springs reconstructions begins, main support pylon replaced

Investigators: fire considered suspicious

Green Springs reconstructions begins, main support pylon replaced

CRAVEN COUNTY - The owner of a water park in Craven County has raised enough money and is rebuilding his damaged water park.

Green Springs was damaged by a suspicious fire in March. Since then, George Weatherington, the parks owner, held a fundraising campaign to rebuild what was damaged.

Weatherington said $2,100 were raised to rebuild the park.

The main support beam is mainly what was damaged. An 80 foot pylon now replaces the old beam. It took three days to float the pylon out into the water and secure it to the platform.

"A whole bunch of kids rolled it up down here and scooted it into the water and kept it rolling and floated it out there," Weatherington said.

Some of the people who use the park helped with repairs. Bradford Warren

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A local fundraising campaign aims to rebuild a popular Craven County water park, damaged by a suspicious fire in March.

Jeff Haight told NewsChannel 12 he is working with George Wetherington, the creator of Green Springs, to raise $2,195 to repair the park.

(CLICK HERE to visit the fundraising webpage)

"I heard about the fire and thought maybe people would be interested in fixing it because so many folks come out here and have a great time," Haight said.

Green Springs, located off Neuse Drive in the James City area, caught fire on March 23. Every level of the park's wooden pier was ablaze, crews told NewsChannel 12.

Most of the damage was contained to a wooden post that runs the entire vertical length of the pier. The post was left charred and hollow in spots. Some of the fire also spread to the bottom platform adjacent to the post.

The structure is decades old- it's run as a free attraction where people can swim, jump off wooden platforms, and use zip lines.

"I knew the night it burned that there was no way I could fix it by myself," Wetherington said. He has run the park on his property and on his dime for more than 40 years. "I spent all I've got and I don't have anymore left."

The fundraiser is getting a lot of feedback, Haight said. More than $600 was donated  as of Wednesday. The total cost of the repairs is estimated at more than $2,000.

Wetherington said he hopes to get the water park back to normal by the summer.

The fire is under investigation and is ruled suspicious. Fire officials said arson is suspected.

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