Governor's Task Force on Safer Schools taking action

Governor's Task Force on Safer Schools taking action

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - School safety is a growing concern for society and one Craven County School is trying to ensure the safety for students.

On Thursday members of Governor McCrory's Task Force on Safer Schools, Trent Woods officers, and Craven County school officials gathered at H.J. MacDonald Middle School to see how they can improve the school's security.   

"As parents you can appreciate we want to keep you children safe, not just our district but throughout the state," H.J. MacDonald Counselor Christi Mendes explains.

Mendes highlighted any problems or potential problems that need changing in the school.  

"I would love to say conditions in society are going to improve and get better, that we don't have to ever worry about Sandy Hook experiences or Columbine experiences, but I think we have to up our vigilance," she said.

Mendes said even the small things can make a difference by adding brand new locks or bullet proof glass to classrooms.

"Maybe instead of the front door being the first place you would push to get access, a parent could push a button back there in the parking lot to say I'm coming to pick up my child," she said.

Officials said one of their main goals is to make sure all schools have qualified school resource officers.

"We don't have the luxury of looking back and saying somebody should of done something about that," said Task Force Advisor Matt Knight.

Knight explains this school assessment is just the beginning.

"We are hoping to take what we are learning from this area and broaden to counties surrounding and then statewide," he said.

Officials said they plan to get the necessary funding from Task Force grants.

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