Gov. McCrory visits Camp Lejeune, talks commitment to military

Gov. McCrory visits Camp Lejeune, talks commitment to military

CAMP LEJEUNE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Governor Pat McCrory toured Camp Lejeune Friday for the first time since being elected governor. During the tour, Governor McCrory focused on his commitment to military overall. The governor said he wants more opportunities for veterans who come home to North Carolina.

He also talked about making sure Camp Lejeune has a strong national presence.

"We're working with the Pentagon to keep Camp Lejeune strong and continue to expand even during the downsizing of the military," Governor McCrory said.

The governor said he believes Camp Lejeune will play an important role not only now, but in the years to come.

The Marine Communication Center in D.C. tells NewsChannel 12 none of our North Carolina Marines are currently involved in Iraq.

Governor McCrory points out that the recently signed state budget will help fund education for military members.

"We're going to offer in state tuition to those out of state military members who are returning home at both our universities and community colleges," Governor McCrory said.

He also wants more jobs for veterans in the state.

"This is talent that we want to remain here in North Carolina," Governor McCrory said.

Governor McCrory said he's also looking for ways to cut through certifications. So, that if military members already know certain skills--like flying a plane or driving a truck, they could by-pass some courses.

"We want to help them because they deserve to be helped into jobs after they leave their tour of duty," Governor McCrory said.

Governor McCrory also talked about how he's using our strong military bases as a major recruiting tool to bring more industries to the state.

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The governor said he is focused on keeping military in North Carolina, and offering many jobs and opportunities when they come home.

Gov. McCrory said with the new state budget, in-state tuition will be offered to military members.

We will have more details on what the governor said during his visit at Camp Lejeune starting at 5 p.m. on NewsChannel 12.

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