Gov. McCrory unveils $21B NC budget for next year

RALEIGH, WAKE COUNTY - Gov. Pat McCrory and his top budget writer are focusing on what's not in his North Carolina government spending proposal for the coming year as compared to what's in it.

McCrory unveiled Wednesday the adjustments he wants the General Assembly to consider when changing the second year of the two-year budget approved last summer. The governor keeps spending for the fiscal year starting July 1 at almost $21 billion.

Budget director Art Pope says the proposal would give pay raises to essentially all state employees and teachers without budget gimmicks or taking money from the rainy day reserve fund.

But it also finds savings by requiring the UNC system to trim 2 percent from its budget and keeping funds for teacher assistants at current levels.


Governor Pat McCrory's proposed adjustments to the North Carolina state government budget are expected to show how he'll pay for teacher and state employee salary increases next year.

McCrory and state budget director Art Pope are expected to disclose Wednesday what the governor would like legislators to change in the second year of the two-year budget starting July 1.

Pope and the governor have been mum about how they would find money to pay for proposed across-the-board raises for educators and state workers. The price tag for these and already announced raises for early-career teachers is about $250 million.

Pope says there's money to cover a roughly $450 million budget shortfall for this fiscal year.

The legislature begins its annual work session Wednesday in Raleigh.

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