Gov. McCrory signs $21B state budget

RALEIGH, WAKE COUNTY (WTVD) - Gov. Pat McCrory said Friday during an end of the 2013 legislative session press conference at the governor's residence that he has signed the state's yearly budget totaling nearly $21 billion.

"We've had more reform in this state government in the past six months than we've seen in the past 30 years," McCrory said in a press conference Friday. "We need reform because people are hurting."

McCrory said he has accomplised 20 of 22 objectives he laid down in his State of the State speech in January. The two things not tackled were pay raises and an energy bill.

He also said that five of the six legislative agendas have been accomplished.

North Carolina lawmakers approved the $20.6 billion, two-year budget, Wednesday. The Senate passed the plan 32-17. The House voted 65-53. The General Assembly's annual session is scheduled to conclude this week, returning next spring to adjust the second year of the spending plan.

The budget was written by Republicans, who won large majorities in both chambers in last year's elections and also acquired an ally in McCrory. It is the first time Republicans have controlled both the legislative and executive branches of state government since 1870.


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