Gov. McCrory signs $21.1 billion NC budget

RALEIGH, WAKE COUNTY - North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has signed a legislation authorizing a $21.1 billion budget, which would ,among other things, create an average raise for public school teachers of about 7 percent and increase state employee salaries.

Gov. McCrory signed the bill Thursday morning at the executive mansion, according to the Governor's Office.

The Republican governor announced his intention to sign the bill last week. The $21.1 billion bill adjusts the second year of the two-year budget law approved last summer.

The measure gives $1,000 raises to most state workers and an average 7 percent increase for teachers.

Teachers get raises ranging from 3 percent for the most senior educators to nearly 19 percent for those in their fifth year. School administrators will receive about $800 more while office workers and other non-certified staff receive $500.

"This budget reflects a pragmatic and thoughtful approach to managing taxpayer dollars," Governor McCrory said. "It provides raises for our teachers, highway patrol officers, court employees and a cost of living increase for retirees and preserves Medicaid eligibility standards. This budget will continue to fuel North Carolina's economic comeback."

Democrats and other critics say veteran teachers are getting very small raises and losing separate longevity salary supplements. McCrory says naysayers failed to offer alternative plans.

Republicans say current teacher assistant positions were preserved, even as funding for assistants fell $85 million compared to last year.

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