Gov. McCrory opposes state run health exchange

Gov. McCrory says he favors opting out of Medicaid expansion

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory released a statement on Tuesday saying he doesn't believe North Carolina is ready to expand Medicaid.

He believes that the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, will put tax payers at risk.

In a press release Governor McCrory stated: "Throughout our first few weeks in office, we have done a thorough review of the advantages and disadvantages of expanding Medicaid in North Carolina and determining the right exchange option for our state."


Governor McCrory said the current Medicaid system is broken and not ready to expand. He pointed out that a recent audit showed that the state had overspent it's Medicaid budget by more than $1.4 billion, $375 million of which was state money.


We spoke with US Representative G.K. Butterfield who said he was disappointed with the governor's stance.


"We as elected officials have an obligation to try to provide insurance opportunities for the uninsured. They're making a terrible mistake in declining Medicaid expansion," said Representative Butterfield.


Governor McCrory said "the federal government has not provided enough information on the long-term costs." But Representative Butterfield said that information is clear.


 "Under the Affordable Care Act the federal government would pay the cost of all Medicaid services for the first three years and then after that the federal government will pay 90%," said Representative Butterfield.


He said if the state were to expand Medicaid it would inject about 1.4 billion dollars into the state economy creating 23,000 jobs.


This Friday is the deadline for states to tell federal officials if it will run the health exchanges.

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