Gov. McCrory attends hurricane workshop at ECU

Gov. McCrory attends hurricane workshop at ECU

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Governor Pat McCrory visited ECU Wednesday to attend a hurricane workshop.

Gov. McCrory, along with Chief Meteorologist Skip Waters, attended the fifth annual Emergency Management Hurricane Workshop at the Murphy Center in Harvey Hall Wednesday morning.

"The best way to have a good plan is to have a good team where they are sharing information and acting as a team before the storm occurs; not forcing it once the storm occurs, and that's why its great to have this conference." says Gov. McCrory.

McCrory gave the opening remarks at the conference which featured forecasters, researchers and emergency management. Some of the new ideas discussed were the implementation of new storm surge inundation maps. These maps would show people in a clear-cut way how deep the water would be around their house above the ground.

"Storm surge in it simplest form is the strong winds of a hurricane literally just push the ocean over land. The winds can be quite strong sometimes in excess of 100 mph and that's a lot of force and it just pushes the ocean towards the land, and it floods land." says Surge Scientist for the National Hurricane Center Jamie Rhome.

The new maps would be experimental, but likely used widely across emergency managers and forecasters. In the coming years it is hoped a storm surge warning can be issued to warm people if dangerous surge is likely.

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