Golf course hazard: Ball lands on gator

ENGLEWOOD, FLA. - Alligators are known to wonder onto golf courses in Florida at times. But a golf ball landing right on top of a gator? Well, that might be a first.

Golfers at Myakka Pines in Englewood snapped photos on Monday of the alligator resting near the water, with a golf ball on its neck.

(CLICK to view more photos of the golf ball on the gator.)

One golfer told ABC-affiliate WWSB that a man picked up a golf ball and tossed it towards the gator. The ball bounced on the ground before landing on the gator's neck, the golfer said.

But that account has not been confirmed, and how the ball exactly landed on the alligator is up for debate.

"I bet it's a ball someone was looking for and thought it went in the water. That's what I think," said Mickie Zada, the general manager of the golf club.

"It was just a strange happening," golfer David Pucin told WWSB. "Definitely one of the stranger things I have seen on the golf course."

If someone did hit the ball and it landed on the alligator's head, club rules allow a free drop no closer to the hole from a safe distance, WWSB reports. No penalty would be assessed.

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