Girls All Smiles After Lightning Strike

CRAVEN COUNTY - A trip home from school was much more than a pair of Craven County girls expected.

Abby and Anna Morefield, ages 12 and 9, respectively, were getting off their school bus and running toward their front door when a lighting strike hit right near them.

The two girls were knocked to the ground, right in front of their mother, and an EMS crew was dispatched to that home on the 2400 block of Oakview Drive.

"We saw this big bolt of lightning go straight down and there was a loud thunder crash," said Deborah Morefield, their mother.

"Both girls were pushed just straight down to the ground."

Minutes later, the mother called for help after Abby couldn't feel her hand.

Emergency crews ran tests and said the girls would be fine.

Stanley Kite, emergency management director for Craven County, first reported the strike at 4:03 p.m. to NewsChannel 12 Chief Meteorologist Skip Waters in a severe weather chatroom meant to help track the afternoon storms through Eastern North Carolina.

The girls said they had odd, flower-shaped marks on their arms after the lightning strike. Those marks faded away about an hour after the incident, they said.

Both girls are completely fine, and were walking around and talking even minutes after the EMS crew arrived.

Their father calls the pair the "luckiest girls in the world."

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