"Getting the Facts Right" on Anna Bulszewicz

So, hello! Thanks for visiting this site. Glad to have you as a reader. Wow,  I already enjoy this.  It's like we're having coffee and I don't even know you. 

This is my very first blog post. Where do we begin? Nearly all of our morning viewers ask the same questions over and over (and over and over), so let's take time in this first entry to, shall I say, "clear the air."  The following post is dedicated to the top three most frequently asked questions of the NewsChannel 12 morning anchor.  Let's uh, "Get the Facts Right."

(Pictured above: Me and best-selling author Nicholas Sparks)

Question No. 1: "How tall are you, Anna?"

Fact:  In real life, I'm what the general public labels as "short."  In the TV world, it's a whole different story, apparently.

(Pictured above: Me, Meteorologist Les Still and local musician John Van Dyke at the New Bern Christmas Tree Lighting)

I learned quickly folks like to comment on a lot of things when you're on TV.  Originally, it was hard to handle. They have all kinds of ideas as to what I should wear, how I should cut my hair, my earrings, my lip color, and the list goes on.  You bet your sweet bippy that can be a little much. I've just recently started to smile and say, "Bless your heart."  I'm just kidding- I don't say that.  But I now know how to use it, when I need to. Handy tool (took me a while to figure out).   

Looks can be deceiving. I'm actually 5-foot-2. They make me sit on a telephone book so I'm level with StormTrack 12 Meteorologist Les Still. Just kidding. I'm not kidding about my actual height but I am kidding about the telephone book part.

Question No. 2: "What time do you get up in the morning?"

I get up pretty darn early. Like, really early. I'm up at 2:30 a.m. I'm at work by 3:30 a.m. (yawn).

By the way, you should see the amount of foot traffic on my 3 to 4-mile drive to work. It would blow your mind. Why are people walking around or riding their bikes in the dead of night? I don't get it. Haven't they heard the street lights saying?  I occasionally get slightly sassy when a pedestrian catches me off guard. Sometimes, I flash my brights at them, I guess it's my way of asking a non-verbal question: (flash,flash) "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Anyways, at 3:30 a.m.,  I greet our awesome producers. Then, it's an emergency trip to the employee break room where THERE IS COFFEE. Coffee is key. If I didn't have caffeine at 3:30 a.m., things might would be different, very different. This leads me to another popular question.

Question No. 3:  "Anna, are you always that perky?"

Well, I would like to say, "yes, all the time!" I'm sure my co-workers would have a different answer. (Les Still, if you're reading this, LOCK IT UP). I'm certain my family would have a different answer as well. Bottom line, I work to get thousands of people up and moving during the work week.  My mojo has to be good, right? Ask my mom and dad, sister Alexandra, brother Stefan, and my youngest brother, Salvatore.

I'm typically a pretty positive person. I have been that way all my life. So in short, yes, I guess I am always that perky- except when things don't go according to my plan. I hear that's normal though. How does my boss put it-  I have too much passion?

(Pictured above:  Me at 3 a.m. preparing for our show)

So, those are the facts. Now, if we meet, we can get straight to the point. The air has been cleared. 

I wish you a great morning/noon/night. Trust me, I get them confused all the time.

Until next time- Anna

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