General scales back punishment for Marine who urinated on dead Taliban fighters

A Marine general said he would scale back the punishment of a Camp Lejeune Marine, who urinated on the bodies of dead insurgents in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday,  SSgt. Joseph W. Chamblin was sentenced to 30 days in confinement, a 60-day restriction, a fine of $2,000, a penalty of $500 a month for half a year and a reduction in rank to lance corporal.

But Lt. Gen. Richard Mills, who was overseeing the Chamblin case, agreed to limit Chamblin's punishment to the loss of $500 in pay and a reduction in rank by one grade.

Chamblin was tried by court-martial at Camp Lejeune on Wednesday, base officials said. He pleaded guilty to dereliction, for failing to properly supervise junior Marines and wrongfully posing for photographs with human casualties. Chamblin also pleaded guilty to wrongfully urinating on the body of a deceased enemy combatant.

Chamblin was one of four Camp Lejeune Marines, accused of urinating on the bodies of Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan in July of 2011. The incident was caught on camera, and the photo surfaced in early 2012.

Chamblin was assigned to Third Battalion, Second Marine Regiment at Camp Lejeune.

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