Gator Sightings Up This Warm Season

EASTERN NC - If you get the feeling there are more alligator sightings recently, one expert says you're right.

Alligator sightings seem to have increased across Eastern North Carolina.

The most recent sighting was Friday night, when a 9-foot gator showed up underneath a truck at a Sneads Ferry car lot.

It's the third reported gator sighting in Eastern North Carolina in less than a month.

Officials from the North Carolina Estuarium in Washington said the warmer weather could be the main factor in the overabundance of sightings.

"With increasing warmer weather and warming waters, you're going to see them move up north because they need that warm water to be active and get active enough to feed and to grow," curator Amy Van Staalduinen said.

Van Staalduinen said it's also breeding season, which makes it more likely for a gator to wander onto land.

"If you have a female who has a nest, she'll obviously be close to her nest." she said.

Van Staalduinen said the sightings so far do not necessarily mean a busy gator season is expected.

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