Gator Lurks Near Homes, Businesses

CARTERET COUNTY - An alligator is lurking in an Emerald Isle waterway that isn't far from homes and shops.

"I didn't know we had [alligators] here," said a surprised Nancy Poreisach.

As Poreisach pointed at the gator, about 7 feet long, others fed the animal from a boardwalk.

The animal has apparently left the water at some point; Judy Wilmoth said her neighbor told her that the alligator had eaten a cat.

"There were [alligator] tracks and cat fur," Wilmoth said.

It's unclear if alligators are common in the area; some locals said they're rare, others disagreed.

State wildlife officials have told NewsChannel 12 for prior alligator stories that authorities will leave the animals be, as long as they aren't causing a problem.


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