Future of new voting site relies on turnout

PINK HILL - A new polling location in our area is in need of votes to stay open.

Mac Daughtey , Lenoir County Commissioner, said a new Pink Hill site could be taken away if enough voters don't turn out to the polls.

The new polling site, located at the Rescue Building on Central Avenue in Pink Hill, was added this year. It's the only site in the southern end of the county. In the past, voters would have to travel to Kinston to vote early.

Daughtey said the more voters that come out, the more likely the location will stay.

"We need the folks in Pink Hill and surrounding areas to turn out and to vote because we certainly don't want them to have it moved away," Daughtey said. "Nobody should have to go 30 or 40 miles in a rural area like this just to vote."

The location is open every day for early voting, including Sundays. Early voting ends November 3rd.

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