Funeral service for mother and unborn baby killed by tractor trailer

Pickup truck driver: "I'm sorry for everything that happened"

LA GRANGE - Funeral arrangements are set for 22-year old Tiffany Smith. Services will happen Friday at the Garner Funeral Home in Kinston, according to a family member. News Channel 12 will not be attending out of respect for the family.

Smith died Sunday after she was hit by a tractor trailer outside the parking lot of BJ's Grill in La Grange last Tuesday. Troopers said a deadly accident was likely caused when the tractor trailer swerved to avoid a pickup truck that pulled out into traffic.

An autopsy revealed Smith died of traumatic abdominal, pelvic and lower extremity injuries. According to the medical examiner's office, the loss of her unborn child also contributed to her death.

In a comment to News Channel 12, the driver of the pickup truck involved in an 18-wheeler accident that killed Smith and her unborn child, expressed his sorrow toward the woman's family.

"I'm sorry for everything that happened," Fred Green of La Grange said. Green also added, "It was not my intention of doing that. I have children of my own. I love them very much. I didn't want to do anything to anyone else's children. I pray for that family."

Green's pickup truck was seen in surveillance video pulling out in front of a tractor trailer that ran off the highway and hit a woman and her son. Troopers said the 18-wheeler likely swerved to avoid the pickup, causing the accident. Tiffany Smith, 22, died Sunday from injuries in the accident.

Green would not comment further on the accident until charges are filed.

Troopers are discussing possible charges with the District Attorney's office.

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