Full-time radio personality; part-time songwriter

Tommy Garrett co-wrote country song performed by The Lost Trailers

Full-time radio personality; part-time songwriter

NEW BERN - The voice of Tommy Garrett may be more recognizable than the song he co-wrote, at least for now.

"Don't Give Up On Me" is now being performed by the group, The Lost Trailers.

Garrett only had two verses of the song written when he approached the band.

"I said, 'Hey I've got this song,'. I played it for them, and right away they heard it for the first time.  One member said, 'I've got to tape that,", said Garrett.

Garrett's information came from being in a serious accident that put him in the hospital.

"When I was laying in the hospital saying to my wife, Don't give up on me.  I'll be back to normal," said Garrett.

The song has been playing on 95.1 FM WRNS for four weeks.  A station in Michigan just picked it and the CD is scheduled to be released this summer.

"We're going to see what happens with one because it may be their next single," said Garrett.

The Lost Trailers has had two top 40 songs and three award nominations from the Academy of Country Music.  For Garrett, hearing his song is a dream come true.

"All of a sudden, you see them out performing and when the crowd sings it back.  It's definitely surreal," said Garrett.

TORI TIDBIT:  If you like the song or you want to listen to it you may go here.!/thelosttrailers?fref=ts

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