Fright Crew Investigation hunts the things that go bump in the night

Paranormal investigators try to explain the unexplainable

Fright Crew Investigation hunts the things that go bump in the night

PITT COUNTY - GT turns his kitchen into an evidence lab.  The evidence is a photo of a ghostly face in the red mist.  There is another photo of an apparition that looks like another member of a theater crowd.  All of their readers, lights and recorders collect what the eye cannot see and what the ear cannot hear.

"If you ask was that you that pushed that over, or was that you that made that noise and you'll get a whisper that says 'yea'" said GT.

When the Fright Crew goes on an investigation, they take certain equipment with them.  They take a reader for electromagnetic fields.  They use night sensitive lighting, and they use an instrument called a ghost box that communicate with the entities in real-time.

"It's set to scan where it doesn't stop.  Entities and ghosts actually communicate on a frequency," said GT.

The team tries to explain the unexplainable.

"You kind of want to believe everything, but you can't so if we take a picture and you see a shadow or something in it.  We try to go back if we can and take pictures of that same spot over and over again.

Every once in a while they say they do catch a glimpse of a ghost.

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