Free at Last

Onwer happy to have boat free

Craven County - After being stuck in the muck on the shores of the Trent River, a 53 foot boat was finally  pulled to freedom.

"It's been a long time coming we tried several different ways of moving this boat, but this is finally what it took to move it," said owner John Williams.

The boat was launched ashore in the surge of Hurricane Irene. The marsh land was protected, and could not be dug out, but he was able to pull it.

"It looks like it was a simple process, but it sure took a while to figure it out. This same crew has been down here three or four times at least checking it out." said Williams.

Originally Williams was hoping a storm would bring a surge high enough to naturally float the boat out. During Hurricane Sandy, the water was a foot short of being able to.

"I really wanted to have this boat in the water before I turned 40, I really wanted to have my birthday party on the boat. That didn't happen, maybe when I have my 41st birthday party on the boat," said owner John Williams.

After tons of tugging, a giant crane was able to drag the boat off the bog and onto the shallow banks of the Trent River. The boat had to be pulled an additional 100 feet past that to deeper water.

Now Williams just says, he has to decide on a name.

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