Fox rescued after being trapped on sailboat

Fox gets stuck on sailboat

NEW BERN - A gray fox found itself in a sticky situation Monday morning as it got trapped on a boat out on the water.

Margaret Fowler, who lives on the sailboat, said she heard the fox climbing the ladder to the boat early in the morning.

"I was awakened in the night by my ladder thumping in the boat and occasionally the dingy lights fowl on the ladder," Margaret Fowler said. "It was this little animal sitting on the top of the ladder."

New Bern Animal Control and the fire department had to rescue the animal from a sail boat on the Trent River near downtown.

Animal control officials said the fox probably fell or jumped from a nearby bridge or railroad tracks over the river. It had to swim to the boat to survive.

"Chances are, by him boarding this boat, it was the first dry object that he came to," Jason Sutton said. Sutton is a New Bern Animal Control Officer.

The fox was rescued and is all right and has been transferred to NC Wildlife.

Authorities say it will be checked for disease and most likely released.

"One of the issues we have to look at a lot of the time with wild animals,is the ones who are capable of contracting rabies, any type of communicable disease. A lot of the times we have to be real careful when we relocate those. You don't want to take a sick animal and reintroduce it into an environment where there isn't any sickness or disease in."

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